Does anyone know of an online Data Entry job that is legitimate?

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I am trying to find an online data entry job that is legitimate and not a scam. I am presently confined to home, and I need to make an income for myself. I do not want to be burden on my family.

I have tried to find information about online surveys, etc., but many of the survey companies charge $49 before they give you access to the companies that do surveys. Meanwhile, many of the survey companies that supposedly pay the better money, only operate in the U.S. The remaining survey companies pay $1 a survey IF you match a “profile”. I decided that I need to find real work.

If anyone knows of a real company that pays cash (preferably using PayPal) for a good data entry operator, or even for medical transcription online, I would really appreciate the help. I can do medical transcription quite well, but the medical transcription companies want people that work at home to have special transcription equipment. Not an option for me at the present because I am strapped for cash.

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6 Responses to “Does anyone know of an online Data Entry job that is legitimate?”

  1. Cheese A Says:

    Just get a job, there is no magical way to make money from home easily or everybody would be doing it.

  2. jannsody Says:

    Sorry, but no. Any company or anyone that charges upfront for an ‘online job’ is a scam artist, no if’s and’s or but’s :) It’s very unfortunate that there are so many unscrupulous people out there, but there certainly are.

  3. flinch Says:

    Sorry but I’ve never heard of one that’s not a scam. Why don’t you form your own business, offering to do data entry? Then you could verify the identities of the people who contact you with jobs. Put up cheap or free ads all over the net. Good luck.

  4. Steve B Says:

    In the UK there is something known as the Data Protection Act. In effect, it says that Companies are not permitted (by law) to allow 3rd parties access to their customers personal data without the customers permission. Needless to say, this put a stop to most home-work envolope stuffing and data entry jobs.

    This is the reason why all those little boxes exist on just about any agreement these days (what they mean, in effect, ‘tick here if you don’t want us to sell your name/address to scam merchants’ :-) )

  5. Jason C Says:

    Don’t be fooleed about any quick rich scam!!

    I recomend you learn, and get good tools for start.

    So I don’t recomend you those books of $97, $150…

    Because all of them is not for become rich, they are for becoming more rich than you are now. So if you are not rich now, forget them. All of them are based in huge opt in list (that in starts you don’t have), huge amount of visitors to your website (that in starts you don’t have)…

    So if you are starting I recomend one package I’ve bought a month ago, and was a very good deal:

    (this is not an affiliate link, so I recomend you honestly)

  6. leowin1948 Says:

    Mredical Trancription companies pay you.Surveys dupe you.If you have given initial joining fee you have been duped

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