Online job application, how long do I have to wait?

I submitted an online job application at a grocery store, and I was just wondering do I have to wait until they callback or call them after I submit my application?

An online application is the only way they’re taking job request, so no paper application.

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7 Responses to “Online job application, how long do I have to wait?”

  1. blackfoot970 Says:

    They usually call you.

  2. oscarthecrouch Says:

    They usually get way more applications than they can deal with. You can call back after a week to express interest, but don’t be surprised if you never hear back either.

  3. Sean C Says:

    After you submit it I would say definitely call them. Just say “Hi, my name is _____ and I wanted to double check you recieved my job application. I was also wondering if there was anything else you may want me to do, etc.” When I applied for a job at guitar center online they called me back 2 hours later and set up an interview for the next day. Not all employers are like that though. Call them and tell them you submitted it for sure. If there are no paper applications, obviously they pay close attention to the online apps so I wouldnt be worried about it.

  4. the1lioness1queen Says:

    I would say call them after a week & let them know that you are interested in working. Thats how they also find out who really wants to work & who does’nt. Good luck.

  5. P Boogie Says:

    You can call but you may be routed to an 800 number, or told that, if interested, you will be contacted.

    As for the applicant flow process, the timeline on when they will contact you will depend on how the recruiting is set up, and whether or not they are sourcing candidates to get employees in the pipeline.

    Having employees in the pipeline just allows for resumes to be submitted, with the possibility of contacting them in the (very near) future, considering the retail and grocery chain generally have high levels of turnover and there is always a constant need for replacing employees.

    Furthermore, when submitting an application – rest assured, your application is not just sitting in some ghost email box. It is routed to either the recruiter, who will call you for a pre-screen interview, if interested, or to a hiring manager (the person you would be working for), who will review the application and communicate if they aren’t interested. Remember, depending on the timeline (I’m not sure when you submitted it), give them at least a week before contacting them. If the entire process is online, then that means that they have to sift through several resumes.

    Best wishes to you!

  6. Rock Candy Says:

    Where you filled out the application on line there should be some form of “Contact us” option. Write in and state the date you filled out the application and let them know you had not received acknoweldgement of receipt of application nor had you heard anything so you want to verify it was received. From there, wait 3-4 days, then go back to that link and send in another message stating that you would like to talk to a recruiter or manager as your last inquiry was not responded to and you want to make sure your application is reviewed for the advertised position as you feel you are qualified because of ****fill in qualifications******. If you don’t get an answer from that…..then they are not worth working for.

  7. chintzypopboogie Says:

    I would call after the Christmas holiday, say maybe on the 27th. That gives them some time to gather applications. They may not even look at what they’re getting in till then.

    Or… You could always call now. It doesn’t hurt to get your name out to the company and show your interest in the position. Just say something simple like, “Hi, my name is ___ and I applied for the ____ position online. I just wanted to make sure you received my application. Is there someone I can speak about that?”

    Good luck!

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