which is the best job to do partime in bangalore?

I am a post graduate want temporary job in bangalore. pls refer good BPO/IT company.

what where
job title, keywords or company
city, state or zip jobs by job search

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4 Responses to “which is the best job to do partime in bangalore?”

  1. Usha Says:

    First source is recruiting.
    Medical transcription is also good

  2. Tronado Says:

    If you want to work from home the best ever site is “odesk.com/referrals/track/kmohamedessam
    you can work at any time and u get paid per each hour you actually worked and you have the option to get job with the fixed budget you get paid after the job get done.
    I hope this help you.

  3. Raz Says:

    Hi Elan!

    So you’re looking for part-time job? That’s good!
    I am sure somebody from Bangalore will help.

    But, Elan, 1st let’s get a bit holistic on issues like money,security,future,lifetyle & prosperity.
    Ask yourself a few relevant questions:

    1) Do you’ve a profitable “passive income”?

    2) Are you financially free?

    3) If you become jobless can you sustain yourself (& your family) for several years?

    4) What’s your attitude towards your job -
    a) It’s my passion.
    b) I’ve to do it for the sake of livelihood?
    c) No job satisfaction.
    d) Bad salary

    5) Don’t you’ve any dreams about yourself that you want to see fulfilled?

    6) Are you unable to realise your dreams coz you lack money?

    Unfortunately, few people are conscious of the things raised in these questions.
    Why? Coz they all are SLAVES OF JOBS! They lack –
    a) Financial Conciousness
    b) Wealth Conciousness
    c) & Foresight

    CAUTION: I am not asking anyone to leave their jobs – but to add something more to there lives.

    The most important question is the 1st one – about “passive income”.
    Very few have it – esp. of the highly profitable kind, rather than, the ordinary ones we get from namby-pamby “safe” investments.

    Running after part-time online/offline jobs like Data-entry, Survey filling, Ad posting, etc. is NOT the answer to the above questions.


  4. aiusa Says:

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