work at home data entry jobs no fee up front, no surveys?

data entry home
I want to work at home doing data entry, or email processing, with no fees up front.

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7 Responses to “work at home data entry jobs no fee up front, no surveys?”

  1. Judy Says:

    Online scams were up 400% last year.
    Seems that there are people out there that have figured out that some people will believe anything that is told on the internet.
    Stay away from money making scams.
    You might regret it when you don’t get paid or when you get mail and phone calls for the rest of your life.

  2. PAGGS Says:

    I don’t know of any programs with no upfront fees. I have tried many with fees and made no money. I don’t think online data entry is real. If you like you can email me and I can tell you about some other things you can make money online with.

  3. Prince Says:

    you can work at home with this is a job totally free of cost with no investment free registration simple jobs
    Earn Rs.35,000-50,000/- per month from home No marketing / No MLM .
    This is a rare Job opportunity where you can earn from home using your computer and the Internet – part-time or full-time. Qualifications required are Typing on the Computer only. You can even work from a Cyber Café or your office PC, if so required. Working part time for 1-2 hours daily can easily fetch you Rs. 20-25,000 per month. Online jobs, Part time jobs. Work at home jobs. Dedicated workers make much more as the earning potential is unlimited. No previous experience is required, full training provided. Anyone can apply. Please Visi

  4. sonaniraj Says:

    online free data entry part time job from home

    Hey!!!!!!! friends are you looking for absolutely free data-entry job, trust me and go to

    and start your money making machine.

  5. Liberate Says:

    Most of the online data entry jobs are spam even some of the answer of your question already given by some users. I do not want to name them. You can check yourself. What they claim in their advertisement or on online answer site then never give the same on the actual site. Their main motto to collect affiliate and to promote the products to them or many things many more.

    There are different face of online spam. So better avoid these free typing job. You can get some real online job of different categories from bidding site like getafreelancer and so on. Check the below article I written on how to get online real data entry job without any investment here

  6. The Internet Income Center Says:

    I have yet to find a true “data entry” job online — most you will come across for “data entry” or typing are not what they appear — I’d steer clear of those. If looking for a JOB, what are your marketable skills and previous experiences? Build a list and use that to begin your search. There are legitimate opportunities available in areas such as customer service, telemarketing, virtual assistant, tutoring, transcription, translation, blogging, writing, editing, marketing, nursing, and technical support.

    General rule of thumb: Never pay for a job (businesses, on the other hand, usually involve some expenses).

    Find a rep to contact, check out their websites, ask questions, do your own independent research. Check resources such as for potential scams. You can find job leads in the Telecommuting Moms folder on the forum. I also have several resources for freelance and telecommuting work on my work from home site.

  7. vicseo Says:

    This off-line typing opportunity only applies to the U.S., Canada and Europe.

    If you are an accomplished typist – word processor and have recently visited your local 4-year university librarian, you can apply as a “certified” graduate typist, earning between $1.50 to $2.00 per page for typing a master or doctoral thesis. The librarian will ask the following questions in order to qualify you as a “certified” typist:

    (1) Are you familiar and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word?

    (2) Are you able to set up section breaks along with appropriate placement of auto page numbering in the footer/header?

    (3) Are you familiar with setting up a scheme with emphasis on the proper use of auto numbering, such as 1., 1.1, (a), (i), etc.?

    (4) Do you have access to a scanner with built-in OCR sofware?

    (5) Do you have access to a high-speed laser quality printer?

    If you answer all the above questions in the affirmative, the librarian will provide you with a sample of the typing format template (i.e., margin settings, font selection, page set up, etc.) in order to complete these projects.

    The librarian will then place your name on a list of “certified” graduate typists. This “certified’ list will be given to various department heads so that any graduate student seeking your services can easily contact you directly from this list.

    An average weekend income is about $300-$400 for two days of work.

    Good luck!

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